Readyfortakeoff started as a travel blog in beginning of 2016 and has been nominated as one of Swedens most popular travel blogs by Skyscanner 2018!

It was on a airplane our founder came up with the idea that she always worries about her suitcase when she travels, that it won't be in the same condition as she left it when checking in at the airport. Since our founder travels a loft she wanted to create something personal for her suitcase so she could easily find her bag when it was rolling out at the luggage belt.

After having all her clothes at the luggage belt, visible for everyone at the airport, more than one time she wanted to create a safe and sustainable luggage strap to make sure it didn't happen again but also to recognize her suitcase incase of other travelers has the same, which has actually happened.

So the Readyfortakeoff luggage strap was born! Nowadays she can spot her suitcase in just a few seconds AND knowing that it will be intact!

Welcome onboard!